Erasmus Programme

Our school has been part of the Erasmus Programme for three years now. During this time we have successfully sent students abroad as trainees in European companies. Some teachers have also been able to visit foreign countries searching for new contacts and companies.

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How does it work?

Vocational training in Spain requires every student to undergo a traineeship in a company: they are able to acquire the professional skills they require while applying everything they have learned at our school in the field.

It is specially interesting for us to be able to send some of our students to perform this traineeship abroad, under these conditions:

  • Students apply for an Erasmus grant to cover some of the expenses they will incur.
  • They are chosen according not only to their grades but also to their maturity, language and social skills
  • All of the applying students are of legal age.
  • The duration of the intership is from 9 to 10 weeks.
  • It usually takes place between March and June.
  • Students are fully covered by health and civil liability insurance during the whole time.

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Erasmus at Leonardo Da Vinci School

Academic year 2012-2013

Five students of Administration & Management, Pre-Primary Education and Environmental Health performed their two-month traineeships in European companies this year. Here you will find pictures taken during their stay.


Also, a group of our teachers visited companies and educational institutions in Brussels. Click here to see more information about this visit.


Academic year 2011-2012

This was the first year we participated in the Erasmus Programme. Seven students from different families (pre-primary education, dietetics, environmental health and IT) went abroad.


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